2023-2024 Concert Season


Handel's Messiah

Handel’s Messiah, a timeless masterpiece is usually heard in December, prior to Christmas, notwithstanding the fact that Handel intended it to be performed during the Easter season. Nota Bene Players & Singers has been establishing its own tradition by reverting to the composer’s original wishes. In March, during the Palm Sunday weekend, we mark the beginning of Holy Week with a performance of Messiah ...

March 22nd (7:00PM - Saugeen Academy, Hanover)
March 23rd (7:00PM - St. Paul's United Church, Dundas)
March 24th (3:00PM - First United Church, Waterloo)



Nota Bene "Family Has Your Bach"


Explore the transition from the High Baroque in Leipzig with Telemann and Johann Sebastian Bach to the Rococo style emerging in Sanssouci with the music of some of Bach’s sons. 

Alison Melville takes the journey from the alto recorder to the transverse flute in this enticing family odyssey through the mid-18th century.

Alison Melville, recorders & flute
Kerri McGonigle, cello
Christopher Bagan, harpsichord

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November 10th (7:30PM - Saugeen Academy, Hanover)
November 11th (8:00PM - St. Paul's United Church, Dundas)
November 12th (3:00PM - First United Church, Waterloo)


Among J.S. Bach’s approximately 200 church cantatas are a number that call for solo voices only rather than the customary combination of vocal soloists and chorus. This concert features four such cantatas, each one spotlighting a solo voice . ...

Sinéad White, soprano
Jennifer Enns Modolo, soprano
Shane Hanson, tenor
Daniel Lichti, bass-baritone

January 26th (7:30PM - Saugeen Academy, Hanover)
January 27th (8:00PM - St. Paul's United Church, Dundas)
January 28th (3:00PM - First United Church, Waterloo)